Virat Kohli hit back at critics, says Dhoni understand not only his game but also his body

Virat Kohli hit again to critics and came out in support of MS Dhoni. He termed the current criticism regarding Dhoni as unfair and also quoted Dhoni’s fitness and his contribution to the game.

Indian captain Virat Kohli alleged that ‘firstly I don’t understand that why all people are only pointing towards MS Dhoni. If I fail in my part, then no one will be there to finger at me. Dhoni is a very fit guy and also passing every fitness test, he is also contributing to the team in all ways. And in the last series, he did not get any chance to bat ‘.

Virat Kohli added that ‘you all should see and consider the position in which he comes to bat, also Hardik Pandya could not get a better score in the last played T20 match in Rajkot. I don’t understand the reason of continuously targeting one man and which is not fair at any part. We should consider this that the time he comes to play, sometimes the run rate is already eight to nine, and at times wicket is also not the same when the new ball bowled’.

Kohli added that ‘the batsman at the first position also had the problem to strike the ball in comparison to guys who came afterwards. You all should assess everything then you should judge’. He told reporters that MS Dhoni is a man who not just understand his game but also his body too. All people lack patience when there is a time of judging Dhoni’s performance.’

Virat Kohli supported MS Dhoni and alleged that ‘as the management as well team we understand the circumstances in which he has to bat, and we also don’t get emotional or excited by the viewer’s point of view. If we are playing one can better than we can know the situation at that time. E think that he is doing fine as he understands his game and his role. I consider that people should have patience as he is a man who knows all cricketers and he also understands where his body stand up to. So in think, nobody has right to decide anything for anybody’.

VVS Laxman said that in place of MS Dhoni someone younger should have the chance to play and Sehwag on the other side asked team management to tell MS Dhoni to understand his roles. Virat Kohli alleged that bonding between me him and Dhoni has become stronger with the passing time and nobody can affect his relationship with MS Dhoni.

He supposed that‘ Dhoni and I have an excellent understanding amid us. At the time of running within wickets if he says two then I just close my eyes and keep on running as I know very well that his judgement is very accurate and always correct’.

He made this clear to everybody that in spite of many people plugging stories regarding Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni but neither can be affected by these and people will always see them together.

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